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Hilchot Kashrut

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Hilchot Kashrut is the first in the “From the Source; With Spirit” series prepared specifically for the needs of English speaking High School students. It was forged as a partnership with the Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, which under the leadership of Rabbi Dr. Leonard Matanky piloted the Hilchot Kashrut curriculum and has emerged as a cherished partner in this educational endeavor. During the 2014-2015 school year 11 high schools throughout the US have purchased the books and over 1000 students are learning Hilchot Kashrut from our materials.

Sample Lessons from Hilchot Kashrut

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Teacher Training

The HEC will provide training sessions for teachers which will enable them to best utilize our materials. Concurrently, we will strive to both inspire and engage teachers in the study of Halacha, so that they can help heighten their students’ interest in learning about Judaism. The program director plans to hold annual teacher training seminars in North America, prior to the onset of each school year. Teachers will also be offered the opportunity to request guidance and assistance in teaching the materials throughout the year.

If you are interested in training sessions or have any questions regarding Hilchot Kashrut, please contact Yitzchak Bodner at